In my teenage years I couldn’t afford high quality treatment for my atopic skin.

I was fighting with self-doubt and many psychological issues by using an affordable mass market without seeing clear results.

Living with sensitive skin can turn your daily routine into the seventh circle of hell.

What you really need is an effective and inclusive tool that empowers you to feel confident and beautiful.

When I think about this problem I also see a chance to help and support young people that are facing the same difficulties I did,

Founder and CEO of The Sane, Sita.

We’d like to give you an instrument to share kindness and joy. It is You, yes You, who are reading these lines, who can help to make it a reality.

I was deeply impressed with a Japanese tea ceremony. What gives you the happiest moment to remember is a “gift part”. You can choose and buy tea and then leave it for a stranger who will ask for it. It’s a circle of good energy, you never know what a previous guest has left for you. This concept inspired me to create #BeSaneBeKind project,

Co-founder of The Sane, Mary.

I Want to Be Kind

After filing a cart with your favorite The Sane products, you can choose an option to add #BeSaneBeKind marked products.

I Need the Sane Kindness

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“Life isn’t about getting and having
it’s about giving and being”

Kevin Kruse